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paxil cost Flyswipe delivers targeted advertising for TV broadcasters, Cable TV and ISPs that are seeking to maximize reach and harvest revenue in the multi-screen TV world. Our data modeling and behavioral science services targets more than a zip code or a home. We can target the device, and in many cases, the TV viewer across devices. Personalized TV and now Personalized TV advertising is becoming a reality with FlySwipe Ad Placement Platforms and our data modeling software services. All data provided is Dynamic and recalled on the Fly based on the Subscriber who is viewing the content. We are also a full service provider of content, data, ad-sales & analytics.

remodel urispas tablet price We have the capability to bring any broadcast operator into the IPTV space rapidly, with little investment, high return and zero business interruption. FlySwipe is at the forefront in developing new services for subscriber engagements. Embrace the future of TV with FlySwipe!

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