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Free NAB Show Pass

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Going to NAB Show this year.  So are we come meet us at NAB for Free. Las Vegas April 18-21  South Hall Upper  Booth SU14614 Use promo code : LV4473 for free entry.  Sign up for NAB show pass complimentary of FlySwipe


Content and the Future of TV engagement

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Today in Boca Raton, Florida, they are filming Baywatch, the movie which is based on the popular 1990’s TV show, Baywatch.  Additional filming will be taking place in Palm Beach County for this week; so keep a lookout for star spotting.  As new content is created to entertain the world, a spark was set in motion last week by the FCC that will in time change the world of TV engagements. The future of film and TV entertainment was unlocked by the FCC to start the process of opening up the set top box rental to competition. The filming of Baywatch the movie in Boca, shows an example of how fans for the TV show will turn out in person to watch and engage.  Why is this important? It shows that people are seeking more content and context around stories and entertainment that is relevant to them. Today’s set top box (STB) provides no interactivity or additional engagement services. The future of entertainment filming and production, and how we engage as fans, could change substantially with the FCC ruling to unlock the set top box.  Cable TV has a bright future if it embraces new ways to engage TV viewers.  Think about all the local services, locations, products and brands associated with the storytelling and filming of Baywatch, the movie.  This information is not provided […]


FCC Unlocking the Set Top Box The Future of TV

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WHAT THE FCC UNLOCKING THE SET TOP BOX, (STB) RULING MEANS FOR THE FUTURE OF TV. The end of the Cable TV set top box?  Not yet, almost, but not yet. Let’s start by understanding the context around the massive shift innovation and technology play in the world of TV. The Internet started to consume Cable TV when YouTube become mainstream for millions and Google made a substantial investment into the world of content and delivery starting in 2005 and with Google fiber in 2011.  The tablet, iPad and iPhone craze created new screens with apps that created a shift in portable informational sharing.  Millions of HD screens needed to be put to use and video was it.  Market forces and innovations at work created the alternative viewing trends we have today. In the past few years, with the rise of Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV and other streaming services, alternative ways to view news and entertainment are providing a challenge to using a set top box. These services allow for easy multiscreen engagement to happen, such as; sharing and social interactions to take place. That’s hard to do with a set top box. The app is part of the TV viewing experience and more innovation is on the way.  Many cable companies have or will need to provide an app to view TV Everywhere (TVE) […]