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Personalized TV and TV Everywhere (TVE) – It’s all about the Bandwidth

guide What is the future of cable TV and broadband services to the home and beyond?   Leaders in Iowa this week are learning about the possibilities of such a future at the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU) Broadband Conference, March 30 – 31, Des Moines. аct “We applaud Curtis Dean and his team for hosting such an outstanding event,  and we look forward to creating a bright future for TV and broadband services” states Darrin Carlomagno, EVP of FlySwipe.FlySwipe at IAMU Broadband Conference

judge With the likes of Google and Facebook operating data centers in the state, Iowa has created a new foundation for the next interactive age.  This level of broadband capabilities will create additional services and enhancements for millions of TV, web, mobile, and the internet of things (IOT) subscribers.  Adding and creating new gigabit bandwidth by lighting fiber and broadband services to the home is the purpose of this conference. recommend  

To bring these services and innovations to market, it’s all about the bandwidth.  “TV is going to become personalized on all screens sooner than most people realize” states Darrin Carlomagno. “As more of traditional cable TV becomes hybrid based on an IPTV standard, we are going to see TV content and advertising change for the better.”  Mr. Carlomagno continues, “Gone will be the non-relevant TV ads that waste your time by showing you products you will never use, need, want or buy.   We all have needs for products and services.  Advertising must become relevant to the viewers, and dynamic data makes that happen with abundant bandwidth.  TV has an incredible opportunity ahead of itself – to enable and delight the swipe generation. “

FlySwipe is an innovative leader in the white labeled cloud based IPTV market providing distribution networks, targeted advertising services and big data driven targeting systems to the cable, broadband, broadcast, and other media operators throughout the United States.  For further information, please contact Darrin Carlomagno at

Come meet us at The NAB Show 2016, Las Vegas!  FlySwipe booth SU14614!

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